Bar JZ Ranches


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Production Sale.

Homozygous Polled Herefords
65 Bulls, Yearlings & 2-Yr-Olds
15 Hereford Females, Bred & Open

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Bar JZ Cobblestone 134D

Lot 46. Bar JZ Cobblestone 134D.

Bar JZ Groundswell 030D

Lot 22. Bar JZ Groundswell 030D.

Homozygous Polled Limousin
and Lim-Flex

55 Limousin and LimFlex Bulls,
Yearlings and 2-Yr-Olds

Bar JZ Paladin 059D

Lot 109. Bar JZ Paladin 059D.

Bar JZ Xcellsior 080D

Lot 117. Bar JZ Xcellsior 080D.