Ranch Life

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We dug out of many blizzards this spring.
One day after the final blizzard cleared up, Seth and Bridget welcomed baby Avila. Everyone was extremely grateful she waited until the snow stopped and the roads were mostly clear!
Avila loves being outside.
Everyone still enjoys running on the bales.
Cold weather doesn’t stop Solanus!
Tame Hereford bulls take all the tricks in the book to get their heads up for pictures!
All of the grandkids
Peg with her parents
Don, Peg, and Kevin enjoyed a trip to Maine.
Thankfully the severe weather passed us by this summer.
Silage cutting remains a highlight of our fall.
Barn cats often pester the note keepers!
Bridget’s family
Christmas at the Capitol
Don and Seth AI almost the entire herd every year
Solanus and Avila have a hard time waiting for each other to wake up from their naps, so they can get into trouble together!
We are grateful to live in such beauty, and work with our family.