Hereford Reference Sires

Bar JZ On Demand 619K

On Demand was the high seller in our 2023 sale going to Genex and
Hoffman Herefords, Nebraska. Cattlemen across the country recognized
On Demand’s strong combination of phenotype, curve bending EPDs, and
a lineage of productive cows. His dam will have her 9th calf this spring.
These bred heifers are your chance to own his first calf crop!

Bar JZ Buccaneer 210E

Buccaneer has proven himself as a top 1% of the breed calving ease sire.
His dam ties for oldest cow in our herd at 13 years. She has perfect feet
and legs. His daughters hold his udder and teat EPDs in the top 1% of the
breed, and they produced many yearling bulls in this sale. Semen available
through Semex.


Valor has left his mark in our herd! He sired our 2023 high seller, On Demand. The Valor daughters have exceptional udder quality.

NJW 139C 103C RIDGE 254G

Ridge, dark red, goggle-eyed. Used heavily at NJW on cows and heifers.
Average BW on first calf crop at NJW was 83 lbs. Average BW on first calf
crop at Bar JZ was 77 lbs on 62 head. First daughters calving at NJW have
beautiful udders. His dam, 139C an 88X daughter, is a favorite and a top

Bar JZ Broadgauge 184H

Broadgauge’s dam and Buccaneer’s dam tie for oldest cow in the herd at
13 years. His grandam was here for 15 years. The family has excellent
feet and legs. Check out his sons for calving ease and lighter mature cow
weights. Semen available $25.

Bar JZ Vanquish 329J

Vanquish was one of the most sought-after bulls in our 2022 sale, going
to Gant Polled Herefords. He was the highest post-weaning gainer, and
exceptionally docile. All of his dam’s calves have weaned heavier than
average. Semen available.

Bar JZ Broadside 125H

Broadside highlighted our 2021 sale and was purchased by Schroeder
Brothers, NE. His calves inherit the extra depth, and his dam continues
to produce heavier than average calves while herself being a lighter than
average cow. Co-owned with Schroeder Brothers.

Bar JZ Bridger 622G

Bridger has good maternal lines on both sides of his pedigree. Females
should offer both udder quality and milking ability. Excellent feet.


We used Majestic for calving ease breeding heifers. His progeny are
known for balance and style. Majestic has been one of the most popular
sires at Churchill Cattle.


We selected Frontier with nearly 1900 progeny recorded as a high
accuracy sire that could deliver low birth weight and exceptional growth.

Bar JZ Pilgrim 433F

Pilgrim 433F’s dam is a matriarch in our herd, bred to deliver her 12th calf
this spring. Her average birth weight on 10 calves is 77 pounds. We use
Pilgrim 433F for soundness, calving ease, disposition, and longevity.

Bar JZ Fabulous 207H

Fabulous comes from a great line of cows that have stayed in the herd for
years. He has done a good job of keeping birthweights moderate to low.