Bar JZ Ranches


Life on the ranch

New Sale Location: Bar JZ South Ranch Sale Barn
In 1970 John & Don Zilverberg and their associate Bill Beastrom built a sale barn at the south ranch. For the next 24 years the Bar JZ sales were held there. From 1994 until 2008 we hosted our sales at the Highmore Auction Barn. Then in 2009 we moved to the Thomas Ranch Sale Facility. Seth & Bridget live on the south ranch and have updated the sale barn there. We are looking forward to hosting you at the south ranch sale barn this year and for future sales. We think Grandpa John would approve.

Sometime in the 1940s at the north Bar JZ Ranch.

Family 2022

Christmas Day 2021. Our family minus Fr. Kevin.

Hang on, Solanus!

There's a story behind "Little Minnie," the 1953 Minneapolis Moline tractor. She is the tractor that Peg's mother Barb Zieger purchased while Ralph (Peg's dad) was deployed in Korea. Barb used nearly all of their savings to buy it so they would be able to begin farming when Ralph came back home. Ralph restored the tractor after he retired and has given it to Seth.
Pictured are Cody, Seth, Barb & Ralph Zieger.

John Zilverberg 1913 - 2019. Picture taken at 104 years of age.