Bar JZ Ranches


Life on the ranch

Don, Cody, Seth & Caroline pouring concrete for pasture tanks.

Same day, second tank.

  Cows in the AI pasture.

Seth halter breaking bulls.

Willemke van der Meer, our cousin from The Netherlands, learned
about cutting silage, South Dakota style.

Limousin & LimFlex replacement heifers. 


Nobody but Caroline would hold the tail while Grandpa Don bred a cow.

Time to come home.


Seth & Bridget in the video/picture pen.

The prairie is our garden.

More net wrap needed.

Summer shower approaching.

Family 2019

Caroline and her Grandpa Don.

Gramma Peg & Lydia.


John celebrated his 105th birthday on August 2, 2018 with his 4 children
and other family members.
Gary, Karen, Don, Marci.

Cody, Sonny Booth, Don & Seth share a sale day laugh.

Kevin and Peg (along with Jan, Randy & Marci) visited Scotland
in April.

Lydia, Caroline & Wesley visiting Grandpa John in his Aberdeen

Uncle Jerry Cotton is our sale day photographer.

John and Peg.

Willemke & Harm van der Meer, our Dutch cousins, Peg, Cody.

Peg with her parents Barb & Ralph Zieger.

Gramma Peg and her girls.

When the Milbrodt cousins visited from Kansas City, the
girls just had to play on the bales!