Bar JZ Ranches


2017 More Ranch Life


Bar JZ Dulcie 056A with heifer calf at side by Hey Jack.

Limi bulls on sale day.

A pen of Hereford bulls on sale day.

To a 4-year-old, there's something so very interesting about cow bones.


2017 More Family

Seth, John (age 103), Peg and Don.  Taken this fall in John's backyard in Highmore.

Some of Peg's family. Barb & Ralph Zieger, Carole Skinner, Nancy Cotton.

Karen Gedtiz, Marci Wiedebush, Don & Peg, Ray Gedtiz. Along with Don's family we took a trip to Arkansas in August to celebrate the 100th birthday of Aunt Janette, John's younger sister.

Peg with her sisters Jan Fett and Laurie Milbrodt.

Cody and his daughters, Lydia and Caroline.

Wesley, Lydia and Janine, the girls' nanny.