Bar JZ Ranches


Life on the ranch 2017

Bar JZ Hope 881A ET (Trust daughter) with bull calf at side by Bar JZ
Victory 523B. He sells as Lot 29.

Bar JZ Pamela 963A with heifer calf at side by WZRK Temptation.

Silage time.

Princess Lydia helping Grandpa put out mineral.

Built in 1970, the former sale barn at Seth's place has been converted to a shop. Along with Don's help, Seth did the renovations. 

The updated look of the sale barn.

Seth and Don putting in a half mile of new fence. 


Don and Cody with Dwayne Beck at Dakota Lakes Research Farm east of Pierre. Part of our herd grazed their cool season cover crop swaths and corn stalks for 60 days this fall and winter. An electric fence was attached to the irrigation system and moved automatically when the cows needed more forage. 100 of the cows wore transmitter collars to monitor their movements. 50 of the cows also wore leg bands. The information will be used for Dakota Lakes ongoing research.

Abby loves to round up cattle.

2017 Family

Seth, Barb & Ralph Zieger, Lydia, Peg, Caroline, John, Cody; Don in front. Christmas celebration. First holiday celebrated in Cody & Wesley's house in Pierre.

Seth, Don and John sale day 2016.

Having our granddaughters in Pierre is a wonderful blessing!

Cody & Wesley 4-wheeling.

Kevin has moved to Madrid, Spain. Peg visited him in October. This picture was taken with the very old city of Toledo in the background.

Uncle Seth and his nieces.

Checking pasture.

Lydia and Uncle Seth planting squash.

Great-grandpa John (age 103) and Caroline.

Sale day 2016.

Photo taken by Janine Firment.