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Life on the ranch 2016

Seth continues to restore the original Bar JZ sale barn.  MORE PICTURES

Troweling the new foundation.

Halter breaking the Hereford sale bulls.

Halter breaking the Limi sale bulls.

Seth running the headgate on pg testing day.

Pulling the herd bulls from the pastures. 


Sorghum silage. 


Hey Jack loved having Don rub his back.

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Family 2016

Don & Peg celebrated 40 years of marriage in September 2015.
Seth, Don, Peg, Wesley, Lydia, Cody holding Caroline; and Kevin.

Zilverberg Brothers: Kevin, Cody, Seth.

Great grandparents Barb & Ralph Zieger with Lydia & Caroline.

Lydia's first day of preschool with her mother Wesley and sister

Motorcycle trip to Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

Dutch cousins spent part of their honeymoon with us in South Dakota.
What a treat to get to know them! Seth, Auke van der Meer, Don, John
(age 102), Peg, Sarah van der Meer, Shorty and Sue Zilverberg.

Lydia, Cody and Caroline hauling silage in the Freightliner. 

It's fun to check cattle in the Kubota.

Caroline and Grandpa Don.

At age 102 John competed in the shot put in Minneapolis in July 2015.

We are blessed with magnificent sunsets.

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