Bar JZ Ranches


Your Source for
Homozygous Polled Herefords

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
SDHA Tour Stop at Bar JZ
Join us for dinner at 12:30
Click the poster below to register:

73rd Annual Sale
Tuesday, February 22, 2022

2021 Online Hereford Catalog with videos
70 Homozygous Polled Hereford Bulls
58 Yearling Polled Hereford Bulls
14 Fall & 2-yr-old Polled Hereford Bulls

Lot 10. Bar JZ Broadside 125H by Churchill Broadway
Homozygous Polled  

Lot 13. Bar JZ Time Traveler 134H
by NJW 33TB 100W Trust 167Y

Homozygous Polled 

39. Bar JZ Bodybuilder 198H by Churchill Broadway
Homozygous Polled 

New Sale Location!
Bar JZ South Ranch Sale Barn
9 north of Holabird, SD
Your Source for
Homozygous Polled
Limousin and Lim-Flex

51 Years of Raising
Limousin Cattle

2021 Online Limousin Catalog with videos

52 Black & Red Bulls
43 Are Homozygous Polled

Lot 115. Bar JZ Creed 155H by CJSL Creed
Homo Polled. Homo Black. 47% LF.
10 Creed sons sell.

Lot 110. Bar JZ Fortune 140H by COLE Fortune
Homo Polled. Homo Black. 70% LF.

Lot 117. Bar JZ Architect 158H by TMCK Architect
Homo Polled. Homo Black. 56% LF.

Lot 125. Bar JZ Amazing Bull 183H by Wulfs Amazing Bull
Homo Polled. Red. 91% Limousin.